FARRINGTON-MANN are excited to launch their US & Canadian Websites and here’s the first scoop!

“New tune, ‘2FixUs’ coming soon, with remixes by Al Judd, with added vocals from me & Drew x

Plus: Brand new remixes of The Promise by Herb, Al Judd (12″ LIVE MIX), Josh Bowman.

This is our first major release since the recording of the When In Rome Album in 1988/9. The tune will be released on Canadian imprint, Curve Records, with a special vinyl EP release later in the year, featuring original songs from the period that were not chosen for the album. Plus brand new songs, ‘Don’t Stare at the Sun”, ‘After All This Time’ and hopefully, brand idea/  song, ‘The Outside’ with music by the music writer of 2FixUs, banging out another catchy tune to make our ears melt!

Colin Wood – Coleurs / Missing Words.

BTW: Missing Words are opening for us on 2 dates in May & June (Fri, 26th May) and Fri, 2nd Jun) @ DECADES @ BORDNERS in Hollywood. The venue is right next to the LA MUSIC INSTITUTE and believe it or not, our first time playing in Hollywood in forever!

We look forward to seeing all of our friends from the New Retro Wave scene as well as Forever 80’s SUPPORTERS!

Farrington & Mann, WIR UK


The boutique page will follow later in the year when we’ve finalised what we should stock. The boutique will be run by Mad Designs in Toronto, Canada with unique club, dance, athletic and Retro Romantic design wear.

Thank you for your continued support.


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